Long ago, the continents of Alskoran and Skorans were once one. Under the steady pull of time, reality became legend, legend became myth, and myth faded to an obscurity known by none.  The truth behind the calamity that tore the land asunder is no longer known, but the fate of the people are still connected despite the vast and treacherous seas separating them.

In Alskoran, the favor of the Sun Goddess wanes, and a shadow creeps over the lands. A misunderstood, reluctant and crippled King wanted nothing more than to be left alone. But in order for there to be peace, he must first wage war.

Enter the world of The Requiem for the Rift King.

To the north and east of the Rift, Arasanor is an island many believe is a myth. Those who seek it out rarely return. Those who do don’t speak of what they’ve seen.

The truth is something that could forever change the kingdoms of Alskoran.

Enter the world of Arasanor, the City of Clocks.

Skorans, once part of Alskorans, is faring no better than its counterpart. The people fear that the God of the Garden has turned his back on them.  But all things come with a price, and not everyone is willing to pay it.

Enter the world of The Fall of Erelith.

Urban Fantasy

The East Coast of the United States is a land where most wolves have been driven into extinction. While the wild places of the forests and mountains are no longer able to support the most respected of pack hunters, the cities have become home for the witches and werewolves of the modern era.

However, not everyone wants the creatures of myth and legend to survive. The Inquisition has begun.

Enter the world of Inquisitor, a Witch & Wolf novel.